Saturday, May 5, 2007

Online vs in the street a debate on activism

I am having an ongoing debate with my thirty something daughter about street activism vs internet activism. I tend to dismiss people who just sit at computers all day as not "real" activists".

She claims that "internet activism is *equally* important, and that if you focus more time on one type of activism but not the other, that doesn't mean you aren't an activist. In other words, just as people who only go to protest marches but never use the internet can still be activists, so can people who are active in internet communities but don't go to rallies."Her example is that the Gonzales scandal is a result of internet activism at and Talking Points Memo

I think that people with signs in the streets, and especially with brilliant street art, is still best way to get our message out. It is also exciting, stimulating, and makes anyone who participates feel better. She feels street protests are claustrophobic and finds anti war demonstrations depressing.

I participated in A28 action last weekend, all over the country people wrote out impeach, passed out signs, and banners, etc. It was huge, and we all felt connected, even though we are also an online community. It will live in in both cyber and reality.
I say you have to have BOTH.

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