Wednesday, March 18, 2009

No More Seattle Post Intelligencer

I am too sad to say anything much. Our great paper has been done in by the Hearst corporation who wanted to put it online, by lots of people who read it online already, by commuters who drive (nobody has mentioned how using mass transit means you read the newspaper everyday, as I do), by young people who love their electronic gadgets, but older people who love their electronic gadgets. By Craig's list ( that's a big one), and by so many other forces. So many great writers are now online alone including my friend the art critic, Regina Hackett.

It is a sad sad day. I tried to look at the online version and aside from David Horsey's editorial, I could find nothing but fluff . I know it saves trees, but computers use electricity that is consuming resources also. I WILL NOT do all my reading of news digitally. Thank goodness for the New York Review of Books. 

As a journalist, I am crying.  

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