Monday, August 3, 2009

The contradiction of life and death

I am seared by the contradictions of life and death. On the one hand I have a beautiful new baby grandchild and a lovely 19month old grandson who is still innocent of the world, but expanding his skills everyday. On the other hand, I am living in a country that funds death and war as its first priority, cuts human services as the most dispensable government services, supports bankers at every opportunity. It stimulates the economy with road building and car buying. Where is the drastically new thinking that is necessary for all of our children's and grandchildren's futures????

To try to do something I am joining a lobbying campaign to try to convince our US representatives to stop funding death and destruction by Israel against the Palestinians. In the Gaza offensive there were massive violations of international law 13oo people killed, 5500 people injured, 4000 buildings destroyed. From January 2001 - November 2008 Israel killed 2086 Palestinian Citizens not taking part in hostilities. Of those 723 were children under 18.
And of course that is only one place that our tax dollars are killing people.

It is unbelievable that the US people are so inhumane, so stupid, so oblivious, that we go on spending billions and billions for killing human beings all over the planet. The birth of one human being is a miracle, the death of one human being by the murder that we call war is horrifying. But the level of our world wide killing and training for killing, as well as our torturing in prisons both in the US and elsewhere is psychotic. I have to accept that our smiling facade masks the soul of a serial killer.
So please join the campaign to End the Occupation campaign to talk to Congressman in August to call for a change in our policy. Join the campaign to sanction Israel. modelled on the plan to end Apartheid in South Africa.
There are also major efforts to activate artists to get involved with this campaign to inform people about Palestine. A recent article in the New York Times stated that Hamas is prioritizing culture over throwing bombs.
There is a campaign for artists to help end the occupation.
Everything makes a difference.

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