Friday, March 21, 2008

New York Artists Against the War in DC

The Embedded Blanket of Lies
This quilt is a compilation of some of the lies we have heard from the government and the media over the last five years. Many of the lies were taken from this website
They have been recorded in plays like David Hare's "Stuff Happens", poems, performances, and even in books.
The symbolism of putting them on a comfortable quilt on a bed is obvious and layered. Not only is a quilt covered bed one of our primary escapes from reality for many hours every night, but the softness of the material is also echoing the softness of the information, all based on fabrication and the desire to frighten the American people as well as Congress into supporting the war. And of course the lies continue every day.

The New York City Artists Against the War are a large group of artists who are deeply committed to using their skills to create agit prop in protest against the war. I have posted their work here on several occasions.

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