Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Selma's House

These two photographs give a slight indication of the density of Selma Waldman's life and art. One image from her living room includes a photograph of the Parthenon with soldiers in front of it from the time of the military dictatorship in Greece. It is embedded in books, fabrics, ceramics, vases. In the other photograph, from her bedroom is a Kathe Kollwitz poster above a poster of Muslim women shooting guns on a poster that declares the history of our century in chapters 1/250th second long. These images are also part of a dense setting of books, fabrics, baskets, photographs.
Selma's house was an installation of books, artifacts, art, clippings, quotations that echoed the layers of her sensibility. "The truth of Art is meaningless without the Truth of Life." Selma Waldman

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